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Mission Statement

As the official trade group of the foodservice, lodging, restaurant, and tourism industries, the mission of the Rhode Island Hospitality Association is to advocate for and to develop and provide programs, services, support and education to members of the hospitality industry.

The Rhode Island Hospitality Education Foundation, a non-profit Rhode Island corporation, was formed for the purpose of encouraging persons embarked in a career in the foodservice or hospitality industries in Rhode Island. Through the use of scholarships, grants, and endowments in conjunction with course curriculum involving foodservice and hospitality management and other associated activities. The Education Foundation relies on the support and partnership of the vocational schools and colleges, as well as other educational settings, in the promotion of the education and understanding of the general public, including persons involved in the foodservice and hospitality industries, about the careers available in foodservice and hospitality.


The Rhode Island Hospitality Association (RIHA) was formed in 1982 with the merger of the Rhode Island Restaurant Association and the Rhode Island Hotel Association.

The Rhode Island Hospitality Association has been the voice of the hospitality and foodservice industries in the state with over 600 foodservice and hospitality members in Rhode Island alone.

The competitive business environment of the 21st century places many obstacles in front of the average business owner. The challenges of this fast-paced business society consumes the time and resources of most hospitality and foodservice owners. We at RIHA are committed to providing the vision, leadership, legislative support, and educational resources to business owners and managers as well as providing the competitive edge required in today's ever-changing economy.

RIHA has strong partnerships with the American Hotel & Lodging Association and the National Restaurant Association. In maintaining these partnerships, RIHA provides members with the support and professionalism that ensures industry growth. In addition, RIHAs partners provide many benefits to our members, including discounts and educational services needed to help keep the hospitality and foodservice industries running smoothly.

The Rhode Island Hospitality Association has also made a serious commitment to the education of future career holders in the hospitality and foodservice industries with the formation of a strong Education Foundation. The Education Foundation was formed with the purpose of encouraging individuals to embark on a career in the foodservice and hospitality industries in the state of Rhode Island. Since 1994, the Education Foundation has shown tremendous growth in the field by way of strong education initiatives with the help of customer service and food safety training programs.


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